TBBC hosts fundraisers for Shriners Hospitals for Children

Share light and awareness for Shriners Hospitals for Children
Fundraiser with Jaxson’s family December 8th and 9th at Tampa Bay Brewing Company where his father, Kevin, is the general manager

Tampa, Fla. – On December 10, 2009 Kevin and Heather welcomed a beautiful baby boy named Jaxson into this world. Elated that the couple’s first child was born, everything seemed to go smoothly the first few days of his life. The doctors released Jaxson from the hospital three days later and the parents were instructed to make a follow up appointment with their pediatrician. While Jaxson seemed like a healthy baby boy, the doctors were concerned with signs and symptoms he displayed which warranted multiple tests and scans.

Within two weeks of Jaxson’s life, his parents were told that there may be a possibility that Jaxson would have problems with his spine later down the road. As Jaxson got older he started displaying some issues with walking. Even though he started walking closer to 16 months, the doctors advised that if his problem with walking continued to persist that he would need to see a specialist. Three years later Jaxson was referred to a specialist where he was evaluated and scanned for spina bifida and other spinal issues. While the thought of their child not being able to have a healthy and normal life scared Jaxson’s parents, they continued to move forward with whatever treatment necessary.

Shriners Hospital for Children became the next phase for Jaxson’s treatment in which they have opened many doors for their son by helping with the costs of treatment to supplying their son with multiple pairs of leg braces. While the costs for treatment and braces are astronomical, Shriners has been supportive and reassuring that everything will be taken care of. Shriners Hospital for Children not only helps children with muscular and spinal disorders, but they also help children with neurology problems and other debilitating issues. Shriners Hospital for Children is a dream come true for many kids and the staff is truly outstanding and compassionate to everyone involved. If it wasn’t for Shriners Hospital for Children, Jaxson and his parents may have never received the help and treatment that was deemed necessary.

Owners of the Tampa Bay Brewing Company have the Doble Family Foundation in which will be hosting events at their Westchase and Ybor locations, December 8th and 9th respectively, to raise needed funds for Shriners. There will be complimentary beer and food for those who donate a toy for a child at Shriners. Monetary donations will be accepted as well.

The events will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. on Dec. 8th at the Ybor location (1600 E 9th Ave, Tampa, Fla. 33605) and on Dec. 9th at the Westchase location (13937 Monroes Business Park, Tampa, Fla. 33635)


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